Thursday, November 14, 2002

AsianModelPalooza II Pics Now Posted in my Yahoo Photo Section! ! !

Hello club members! I'm back! ! ! I posted 26 pics from AMP II for everyone to see and enjoy. I had soOo much fun that night. I met a lot of beautiful Asian models but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take a photo with everyone :( but maybe next time :) I also would like to thank all my fans old and new who dropped by my booth to buy my videos and said hi and also if you didn't get a lap dance from me then you missed a lot hehe!

Check out the links on for more pics.

My love goes to all my fans.muahhhhhhhz! Take care everyone.


Friday, November 08, 2002


Hello Guys and Girls! Here are my sked for tomorrow nights WILD

11:45 LIVE "Girlfriends Show" with the beautiful Naomi Marcela (Jade
Marcela's younger sister)

12:00 AMP mini photoshoot(Topless and Nude)
A special 10 minute photo shoot with me in the super luxurious
Private Vip Room (Room Holds up to 10 Photographers)
Photographers take as many pics as they like in 10 minutes.

12:50 Live Choreographed Show. See me LIVE on stage!

1:20 Sabrine Maui personal ride AMP Limo Ride Of A Lifetime

I will be selling my 8x10's, Videos and DVD's,Polaroids and Magazines
so don't forget to bring a lot of cash :)
18 & Over OK! Be THeerreee !
BRING YOUR CAMERA (Film & Digital Only)

Asianmodelpalooza II Saturday November 9th 9PM - 4AM @
The Score Gentlemen's Club
2065 S Santa Fe Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90021-2930
(323) 588-8898
Near The 10 Freeway In Downtown LA
Exit 10 Fwy on Alameda, South to Washington, left on Washington
to Santa Fe

New Models Line Up Posted !



Saturday, September 21, 2002

Aloha everyone!!! I just want everybody to know that I'm doing great and I'm very happy. No need to worry about me. I will still be in the adult business and you will see more of me. I would like to thank everyone especially my fans for being so supportive when I was down. Thanks for the e-mails and e-cards. Unfortunately, I couldn't answer all my e-amils in one day but I want you to know that I really appreciate every advise and every little loving words. I love you guys and thank you so very much for standing right behind me. I love you! I love you! I love you all ! ! !


Tuesday, September 10, 2002

A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N ! ! !

I want everybody to know that I am NO LONGER ASSOCIATED WITH DON FERNANDO! ! ! It's a long ass story but I will tell you this, the reason why we're no longer together is that he couldn't keep his dick inside his pants and he couldn't keep it with condom. It all happened in Hawaii when I was Feature dancing. I'll end up with that and I'll soon tell everybody what really happened. I will tell you guys the TRUTH and the way he treated me all this years because I have nothing to hide and I wasn't the one fucked up! ! ! Please DO NOT email me right now. I will be very busy deciding what I want to do and what direction to take. I just got back from Hawaii and I'm very tired. I will survive with or without Don. I am OK and I'm glad I found out about it before it's too late.


Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Hi! Here I am again. I was away from the PC for a while because I have a life hahaha it's a joke ok ;) I'm feeling better now and I've done a couple of shoots. I did a girl/girl scene for Legend entitled "Proof of Sex". It's a Feature movie and I had sex with a girl named Becka. She's Blonde, very pretty and she has a great attitude. I met her only once and we just clicked. Ok, the first scene I did was I have to fuck a chalk mark of a dead body on the floor. So I'm actually humping the floor and pretending that I'm fucking a man. I tried my best not to laugh and I did it. It's one of the award winning scene so hopefully I'll get nominated or get noticed for that scene. Then I did a girl/girl with Becka. Becka is actually the star of the movie. She's really hot so watch out for her movies. She smells so good and she's very clean. Her pussy is so pretty that I just want to lick her all the time. The softcore of the movie goes to Playboy so watch out for that in your tv screen. I also did a BJ with Don at the end. The movie has an interesting story and acting. I suggest that you see it when it comes out ok.

Monday, I worked for VCA and the movie is entitled "Sorority Sex Kitten # 6". It's directed by the famous Jim Holiday. I did a B/G Anal with Don of course. It was fun as usual and as you all know I always do a HOT scene :) Tomorrow night I will be at the Tera Show so come watch me and the rest of the guest. Here are the rest of my agenda.

Wednesday- I'm shooting for the box cover of Sorority Sex Kitten 6
Thursday- shooting for Shane "Mating Game". If chosen then I'll be doing a girl/girl scene. After the scene Don and I will drive to California City to shoot for the continuation for VCA shoot (Jim Holiday)
Friday- shoot, play with the girls and pick up scenes with the girls for SSK #6 (there might be 30 girls in the scene) and I have to do dialogue.
Saturday- BJ with this guy not sure who he is yet. I'll find out tomorrow.
Sunday- break...break...break...We'll probably go fishing to Kernville. I dunno!
Monday- Threesomes G/G/G with Felicia, Petra and I

I'm shooting all this week for VCA. It's a Jim Holiday movie and it's big. We're actually shooting in the desert. It's gonna be so hot as in the temperature and of course the scenes are sizzling, smoking Hot!
That's it for now. Don't forget the Tera show.

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Sunday, June 16, 2002

I did a double BJ scene Saturday entitled "Feeding Frenzy # 1 " for Evil Angel and it's directed by Jules Jordan. The actors were Steve Austin and the director himself. It's a BJ and a swallow video ( if you know what I mean) ;) Last Friday night I wasn't feeling well and my throat is hurts. I took some herbal meds so I can work the day after which is Saturady. Saturday morning my throat still hurts but I want to do the video to get over it and it's just a BJ anyways so I just did it. After the video Don and I went to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Saturaday night I sound terrible. My voice sounds like a cartoon character. I was talking to my sister on the phone and she told me that I sound like frog. It happened over night. I don't know if it has something to do with the change of weather. I took a lot of meds and I just stayed home Sunday and rest. If I don't get better tomorrow I'm going to see a doctor. I cannot afford to get sick because I'm working this week. By the way, I told you guys that were doing a series entitled "Sabrine's Nasty Asian Girls". We're shooting Wednesday and I will be the host. I'll interview the girl and watch her fuck. I'll let everyone know the street date so you guys can watch it. I might do a girl/girl or boy/girl in the first volume but right now I have no idea what scene. What do you think?

Happy Father's day to all you daddy's out there. I sent my dad a card and I called him this morning. I couldn't come see him because I was sick. It's too bad because I'm supposed to go to my friend's graduation party Sunday night. I hate being sick and staying at home.


July 12 4PM PDT :In Southern California tune to POWER 106FM
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Saturday, June 15, 2002

Wuzzzup guys?!?! Let me continue what I'd left yesterday. I shot for Metro and it was directed by Michael Adam. The movie is entitled "Shades of Sex # 7". By the way, I did a HOT girl/girl scene with Jade Marcella on "Shades of Sex # 6" which is already out. You guys should rent it. It's really hot and Jade is a real babe, very pretty and very professional. I love working with her.

On SOS # 7 (Shades of Sex) I did a boy/girl with Alex Sanders. I've never worked with him before and this shoot was the first one. He's a nice guy with curly long hair up to his shoulder. I've worked with 10 different guys and some of them I've worked with twice. The only thing that made this guy (Alex)different is that he made me squirt twice on video. I've never, ever squirted on camera before. I squirted before like I told you guys with Don but that's in our private life. Now you can see me squirt by watching the video. The feeling is really weird and funny because it feels like I'm peeing but its not pee it's cum. He doesn't have that really big dick (medium) but he made me squirt. Now I believe that it's not how big or how long your dick is, it's how you work it, right? I don't really like guys with huge cock. It's a turn-off. I like it when it's not too small and its not too big just in between. You know what I mean? You guys have to see my new movies. It's all HOT and it's all me.

The same day I did a hand job. Not blow job but hand job. Just using my pretty hands and jerk off that pretty dick. The video is "Hand Job Hunnies # 5" and the scene is with Mr. Pete. He's a young actor, a year older than me. He looks like a younger Seymore Butts. Anyways, I did a hand job with him and the first 15 seconds he almost came so they have to stop the camera. The footage is supposed to be like 15-20 minutes but he almost didn't last. :) Look what my hands can do hahaha. After a couple of minutes he almost came again. It was so cute when he slapped his dick and hurt it so he wouldn't cum so fast. It looks like it hurts but whatever helps him to not cum fast then he gotta do it. It happened again the third time ok. So I just did it real slow. This video is different because I'm just looking straight to the camera and you don't even see the guys face. It's just my face and the guys dick. I talked silly and sexy to the camera and if you watch the video it seems like I'm jerking you off and I'm talking to you. The scene ended up with a lot of cum all over my mouth and face. This is a jerk off material so wait for the release date.

I'm doing a double blow job with Jules Jordan and Steve Austin for the second time tomorrow which is directed by Jules Jordan himself.

I would also like to congratulate the LAKERS! ! ! 3PEAT baby, 3 sweep ! ! ! I love the Lakers and all the players are cute too :). Shaq was right that Los Angeles should be the capital of Cali not Sacramento. Sorry Kings I agree with him :)

Lastly, I hope all you VIP members enjoyed the new pics. There will be more soon. Goodnite....muahhhh! ! !

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Friday, June 14, 2002

Hey guys! before we went on a vacation Don and I did a shoot for Bob Chinn. I guess ya'll know him. He's American born Chinese, famous director and he only does Feature movie. Don and I did a dialogue and at the end I did a hot boy/girl scene with Kyle Stone. We did the sex scene in the jungle. It's my dream to not just have sex on camera but also act and have some dialogues. It was fun and I guess this movie is my 4th or 5th Feature with dialogues. For Bob's movie I actually have to speak in Spanish for Latin America distribution and of course English. I can't wait to work for Bob Chinn again. He's very cool and he's just a nice man. Ok, let me tell you about my scene with Kyle Stone. Don shoots him with an Asian girl for Asian Dolls and everytime he shoots I'm always on the set so he see me all the time. I've never worked with him until Bob's shoot. He's been wanting to work with me and Don knows that he's so hot about me. He asked me one time when I'm going to work with him and I told him to arrange it. Ok, the point I'm trying to make is that this guy just fuck the hell out of me. I swear. He's just into looking at my ass and getting a boner. As if he haven't fuck a girl in years. The scene is super duper hot and he's such a good performer sexually and a good actor too. You'll always see him on VCA, Wicked and other big porn company. I enjoyed all the movies I've done but this one is the best so far. We got home at 1:00 AM but it didn't seem like it because I'm having so much fun that I lost track of the time. Yeah, the sex was good but seeing this people, the crew, director and Don they'e really funny on the set. You hear stories during the break, they treat you like a queen and all that good stuff. Yes, money is good it helps me out for college and to pay my bills but it's not only that this business turned me into a grown up and through meeting new people on the set they share their experiences and stories from everyday lives which opened up my heart, learned how to handle problems and appreciate life more. I love the biz and for me it's a beautiful thing.

I'm not working this week just chilling out and tomorrow I have to get my test (PCR DNA test) . I really have to tell you more about the other shoot for Metro with Alex Sanders and the hand job shoot with Mr. Pete ok. Laterz!

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Sexy Black Top and Red skirt
"Play Time" Outdoors
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"Together Again" HOT Sabrine and Nikki photo shoot

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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Hello everyone. I'm back ! ! ! I Don and I just got back home from Kernville in Sequoia, Cali. It was a last minute thing so I wasn't able to inform you guys were I was for 12 days. Well, we're supposed to stay there only for 3 days but we are having so much fun so we decided to stay a couple more days. We went camping for two nights at a tent and stayed the rest of the days at a lodge. It's really nice up there. It's 2 1/2 to 3 hours drive from LA. We went fishing for trout at the Kern River the whole time. I love it! I got really tanned. It's super hot in there and one time the temperature reached 102 degrees. Is that hot or what? I was so stupid though because I forgot my digital camera. I'll just describe to you what's up there so you'll get an idea how beautiful the place is later.

Thanxxx for those who e-mailed and for those who are very concerned where I was. I'm ok and nobody kidnapped me (a worried fan said that) hehehe. I gotta unpack my stuff and get ready for bed. By the way, there are 549 NEW PICS on my VIP section. The pics are courtesy of Robbye Bentley and Asiandreamgirls.

99 PICS- Sabrine and Nikki Chao in lei and HOt girl/girl action!
143 PICS- Sabrine in Orange bikini ( Pics taken when I was 19 years old. That was the time when I first started nude modeling) Photo by ADG
102 PICS- Glamour shoot (black top and red skirt) very sexy!
101 PICS- White Lingerie and spread pink (very hot and sexy)
104 PICS- Outdoor shoot (Blue top and shorts)

ENJOY! There'll be more to cum! ! !

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Hey you guys! Here I go again. I did a lot of things since last week and I would love to share it with you like I always do. :)

May 22, 2002

I did a girl/girl scene with a beautiful and petite Russian girl. Oh! man she's very sexy. We look good together because we're about the same height and we're both petite. I love her accent and she is really a doll. I did anal with toy and 2 regular positions. I fuck her first because I really can't wait to lick her pussy and make her cum. I got so horny everytime she moans. Then I played with her pussy by penetrating her with a toy. I just fuck her the way she like it and after a couple of minutes she came. I took out the toy inside her and the cum is dripping out her pussy and on the toy. I asked her if she wanted to taste her pussy and she said "Yes!", so she was licking the toy like lollipop and then I had some too by licking her wet pussy :) I did 2 positions. Doggy anal with toy and missionary. It felt so good when she fucked me with a toy and when her tongue touches my clit. She does it so sexy and so slow that I wanted to cum all over her pretty mouth. That's just the way I felt that day. For me the best part is when I kiss a girl on her lips and eating her pussy out and making her cum. It turns me on and wet and it's a great feeling.

May 23, 2002

Don and I flew to San Francisco. We left at 5PM and got there 50 minutes after. We got a car and then drove to one his relatives place where we were invited to stay and have a great dinner. We had salad with home made rasberry dressing, steamed crab and shrimp, rice, a lot of french bread with a creamy and cheesy top. Uhhhh! it's so delicious just the crab itself. For me eating crab is better than sex......NOT! haha. :) We were telling stories and talking about the news in the dining room and last thing we noticed is the time. It was late. We got up and then cleaned ourselves out and went to bed. I was so full so as soon as I jumped the bed I was dead. Don heard me snore the first time :)

May 24, 2002

Now we went to visit my relatives and had lunch in their backyard. It's a beautiful day. We had BBQ pork and chicken, rice, vegetables and some other Filipino foods. It was so delicious. I can't stop eating and so as Don. It was fun because I get to see my aunt and uncles and also my cousins. We're supposed to see the Makaha Sons, its a famous group from Hawaii composed of 3 members. They play Hawaiian and English songs. We saw them before in Hawaii and they were awesome that's why we wanted to see them again but we didn't make it. We just stayed at my aunts place and spent the time with them.

May 25, 2002

Don and I went to Santa Cruz Boardwalk with his relatives. It's a big carnival with a wooden roller coaster (it's famous for that) and a lot of rides for adult and kids. You also see the view of the beach. First, we went to the beach and laid down. Don and I are working for a feature movie for Bob Chinn tomorrow the 26th so we have our script with us and we went over our lines. I have to memorize both English and some Spanish. The beach is a nice place to relax and study so after an hour I knew all my lines and so does Don. After the beach we went up to the boardwalk and got something to eat. Then we walked around and played some games. I didn't get to win anything because I suck! :) Anyway, we got a little tired walking and we decided to take the roller coaster. It was fun. The wooden roller coaster is much more different from the metal roller coaster. The wooden shakes and when it turns I felt like it's going to throw me out of my seat. I also like the sound, it's more dramatic and you really feel ever bump. We also took the Merry-go-Round, Ferris Wheel and other wacky rides. I sure had so much fun. At dinner, we went to this famous ribs restaurant and ordered something for to-go. Don and I fixed our stuff for the flight the next day (Sunday). We were ready for bed when both of us got so horny. I think I read his mind and I started kissing him then we made love. I don't have to go into details but you know that we both came. :) What a great life, isn't it? :)

There's more to cum. I'll tell you later what I did last Sunday-Tuesday ok. I have to take a shower now and run my errands. Take care and have a wonderful day! ! !

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